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Our FridayReads

Some of us here at Team FridayReads are book polygamists (those who read more than one book at once). This means our #fridayreads won’t fit in one Tweet! Here’s what we’re reading around these parts:

Bethanne, Our Fearless Leader:  I am in thrall to Jonathan Gottshcall’s THE STORYTELLING ANIMAL and cannot put it down for any other book.

Rebecca, Runner of Giveaways and Doer of Many Things: I ‘m reading TAR BABY by Toni Morrisonand TALULLA RISING by Glen Duncan, the forthcoming sequel to THE LAST WEREWOLF. It’s face-meltingly good so far.

Amanda, Seller of This, Thats, and Other Things: I’m reading BEAUTIFUL RUINS by Jess Walter(June 2012 from Harper), and it’s making me want to immediately move to the Italian coast. I’ve also just started HOUSEKEEPING by Marilynne Robinson, and THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker.

Paige, Intern of Media Social and Otherwise: I’m falling in love with Gayle Forman’s Where She Wentas wellStephanie Perkins Lola and the Boy Next Door.

Tell us what you’re reading on Twitter using the #fridayreads hashtag! You can also participate on Facebook.

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  2. ronniefein said: I am reading Patron Saint of Liars, by Ann Patchett #fridayreads
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