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Our FridayReads

Sometimes things can get a bit wild here at FridayReads. The pants come off (and sometimes stay off all weekend), our hair comes down, and we let loose with multiple books at a time. Our FridayReads usually don’t fit in just one Tweet so we’ve compiled a list here for your reading pleasure. Still not satisfied? Clickity-click on the titles for more bookish amazing-ness.

Bethanne: Leader of our Ravenous Pack- GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn, PARK LANE by Frances Osborne, and THE STONECUTTER by Camilla Läckberg.

RebeccaMaster Giveaway-er and Multitasking Extraordinaire- I’m reading SHINE SHINE SHINE by Lydia Netzer, which is every bit as awesome as Bethanne and Amanda said it would be, THE STEAL: A CULTURAL HISTORY OF SHOPLIFTING by Rachel Shteir (totally fascinating), and THE BLIND GIANT by Nick Harkaway, about being human in the digital age.

AmandaSeller of Promotional This, Thats, and The Other ThingsI’ve reading EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL BEGAN AFTER by Simon Van Booy, Homer’s ODYSSEY, and TELEGRAPH AVENUE by Michael Chabon (Sept 2012).

VeronicaThe Interweb Do-dad Specilist- I’m reading WILD by Cheryl Strayed and will start INSURGENT by Veronica Roth.

PaigeOur Social and Other Awesome Things Intern: I’m hopelessly devoted to the brilliant, honest, and hilarious HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE by Sheila Heti. I’m also re-reading SAVING RUTH by Zoe Fishman - I’ve only just finished it, but I had to go back inside the story immediately. It’s that good.

BrittneyOur Socially Awkward Minion- I have (regrettably) not been able to read much this week but am almost through DEADLOCKED by Charlaine Harris. I also got this awesome collection of stories (thanks, Amanda!) called THE NEW WEIRD that I have been dipping into and am still working on 1Q84

Don’t forget to tell us what your FridayReads are by commenting below, on Facebook, orTumblr. You can also use the hashtag #fridayreads on Twitter. Any of these will also enter you in the running for a chance to win this week’s giveaway: (a two-fer) THE WILDER LIFE by Wendy McClure and THE LONG GOODBYE by Meghan O’Rourke.

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